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Friday, May 02, 2014

5.5 Sniffs Review: FIRE OF STARS AND DRAGONS by Melissa Petreshock #Giveaway

Title: Fire of Stars and Dragons
Series: Stars and Souls Trilogy #1
Genre: New Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance
Publisher: Swoon Romance
Release Date: April 29, 2014
Source: Swoon Romance  AToMR Tours
Links: Goodreads  Amazon   iTunes   Kobo

Following the death of her vampire uncle, twenty-one-year-old CAITRIONA HAYDEN finds herself in the midst of a trio of quintessential alpha male suitors in 22nd century sovereign America where human females should be seen and not heard.

Theo Pendragon claims her as his ward, ordained to guard her through to a long-awaited destiny unbeknownst to Cait, but finds more than he expected when passion ignites within the dragon for the first time. Always drawn to the pursuit of knowledge rather than the heat of desire, powerful demigod Dante cannot deny everything his future holds in Caitriona. America's monarch, ancient vampire Corrin, has no interest in the frivolity of love, yet marrying Cait could be the answer to his continued survival.

Soon, Cait goes from studying for college exams to choosing a husband in seven days, knowing the consequences are eternal, the love undying, and the bond timeless.

Cait's vampire uncle just died three months ago, leaving everything to her. But she's an unmarried woman, and in 22nd century sovereign America, their rights are limited. So she goes before the American monarch to petition for a pardon to the female dependent laws. This is refused ans she is forced to choose a husband within seven days. Those vying for her affection are: Theo, a dragon of the House of Pendragon; Dante, a demigod, son of the Mother Goddess; and Corrin, a vampire, king of America. Who will she choose?

FIRE OF STARS AND DRAGONS is a story about finding your destiny and the love of a lifetime. Cait has a far greater destiny than just being the ward of a dragon and potential wife to one of three powerful men. We learn that she's currently in transition from mortal to eternal, and she's the dragon's North Star. I was drawn in by the mystery of what Cait's destiny is. What is really her role? What is the North Star to the dragons?

It's all very interesting, and then there is the love square add to the mix. I loved both Theo and Dante, but I was rooting for Cait to choose Theo the whole time. Ever since the beginning when their ward bond was initiated I wanted Theo and Cait to end up together.

I am really looking forward to reading more in the Stars and Souls Trilogy. I want the next book right now!

Cait: 21 year old college student and the heiress to her vampire uncle's estate and wealth. Archaic laws in sovereign America prevent her from coming into her inheritance until she is 30 years old. She is basically forced to choose a husband or risk losing all of it to the Neglected Dependent Services. She has been given seven days to choose between Theo, Dante, and Corrin. Along the way, she learns about a far greater destiny awaiting her. She is also Theo's ward.

Theo: Second Brother of the House of Pendragon. One of the four elite dragon brothers of the King's Guard. This alliance changes when he meets Cait and realizes that she is his ward. But the bond is so much stronger than any other that he's experienced, and he feels things that no other dragon has before. He is the first dragon to ever fall in love.

Dante: He is the son of the Mother Goddess, a demigod who preferred the pursuit of knowledge over the pursuit of the heart. But meeting Cait and learning what he could possibly have with her, changes his perspective. Cait is the only woman Dante has ever loved, and he vows to protect her at any cost. He is the creator of the vampires, and is Corrin's grandfather.

Corrin: King of Sovereign America. He is suffering from Mating sickness. If he does not choose a wife soon, he is going to die. He is very arrogant and egotistical, and the rubs a lot of people the wrong way, particularly Cait, Theo, and Dante. He is Theo's brother Oliver's ward.

The Dragons: Oliver, Liam, Clifford, Claaron, and Jai are all dragons of the Dracopraesi. Oliver, Liam, and Clifford are Theo's brothers from the House of Pendragon. Claaron is from the House of Graywyne, and Jaiteru is from the House of Faerwyng. They are all drawn to Cait as she is their North Star. Each (except Oliver) swear their eternal loyalty to her.

The villain in FIRE OF STARS AND DRAGONS is a elfin warlord-turned-politician, named Z Von Yalfayr, who is also the minister of defense for Sovereign America. He approaches Corrin about the dragons flocking to Cait, and besically wants to wipe them all out, claiming that they are a threat to Corrin's rule as king. He has pretty much gone behind Corrin's back and declared war on Cait the the Dracopraesi with her. The Elves hate the dragons with a passion and Z sees this as an opportunity for revenge.

In FIRE OF STARS AND DRAGONS, Cait has to choose Theo, Dante, or Corrin for her husband. Each vies for her affections in their own ways and for their own reasons.

Theo wants to protect her (she is his ward afterall), but he also feels emotions that he, as a dragon, has never felt before. The ward bond is stronger than any other he has had, and he is the first dragon ever to fall in love. This, in my opinion, makes his love for Cait pure in all definitions of the word.

Dante had been called in by Theo concerning his new ward that he foresaw. He didn't expect to fall in love with Cait, when all he'd ever been interested in was the pursuit of knowledge. But something about Cait opens his heart, and because she is the first woman he has ever loved, I believe his feelings for Cait are pure as well.

But then we come to Corrin. He is slowly dying from Mating sickness and needs to take a wife before that can happen. I never felt that his intentions and supposed affections for Cait were pure. I thought that he was way too selfish and self-centered to really love her at all.

I'm not going to say who she chose, but I will say that the whole time I was reading, from beginning to end, I really wanted her to choose Theo (although I did like Dante quite a bit too). Just not Corrin.

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